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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Dry Farming

Oregon State University is known for its College of Agricultural Sciences. The school offers 25 Major and Minor options that include but are not limited to Botany, Animal Sciences, and even Fermentation Sciences for you beer lovers out there. The ...

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Oregon Farmers Strive to Bee Friendly

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon Magazine In 2001, Mike Omeg, a cherry grower from The Dalles, planted native plants near one of his orchards to attract beneficial insects to help suppress black cherry aphid. The response was better than he ...

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Irrigation Innovation on Oregon Farms

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon Magazine First came the transition from overhead sprinkler irrigation to drip. Then the benefits started pouring in. By watering only where and when their hops plants need it, Gayle and Glenn Goschie, a brother-and-sister ...

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Oregon Farms Growing the Next Generation

By Rachel Bertone for Growing Oregon magazine Families own the majority of the nation’s farms, and when it’s time to pass on that legacy, a farmer usually looks to his children. When a young entrepreneur who doesn’t come from a family ...

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