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Monthly Archives: May 2017

A Fresh Approach to Farmers Markets

By Teree Caruthers for Growing Oregon magazine Farmers markets play a critical role in connecting farmers to consumers in Oregon. At one end of that connection, family farms find a place to share what they grow. At the other end, ...

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Oregon Offers International Bounty

By Blair Thomas for Growing Oregon magazine Oregon agriculture is famous for its diversity. From grass seed that grows the turf of World Cup soccer fields to its U.S. leading Christmas tree, blackberry and hazelnut industries, Oregon produces a bountiful variety ...

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Farmers and Neighbors are Growing in Harmony

Zach Christensen of Christensen Farms

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon magazine In 2015, when Beth Satterwhite of Even Pull Farm was considering leasing 2 acres from Zach Christensen of Christensen Farms, the two Yamhill County producers talked. And they’ve talked ever since. Satterwhite says she ...

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