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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Oregon Berry Industry has a Sweet Harvest

By John McBryde for Growing Oregon magazine Oregon’s Willamette Valley is considered a berry paradise by fruit buyers, with more than 50 varieties of premium, healthy and delicious berries cultivated for U.S. and global markets. Fertile, well-drained soil, favorably timed spring ...

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Oregon Farmers Strive to Bee Friendly

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon magazine In 2001, Mike Omeg, a cherry grower from The Dalles, planted native plants near one of his orchards to attract beneficial insects to help suppress black cherry aphid. The response was better than ...

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National Pollinator Week

Most people are familiar with honey bees. In fact, in Oregon we have roughly 500 species of bees that vary greatly in size shape, and behavior. We have managed bees such as honey bees, mason bees, leafcutter bees, and alkali ...

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Irrigation Innovation on Oregon Farms

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon magazine First came the transition from overhead sprinkler irrigation to drip. Then the benefits started pouring in. By watering only where and when their hops plants need it, Gayle and Glenn Goschie, a brother-and-sister ...

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Growing Sustainability Methods

By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon magazine With Oregon’s environmentally friendly reputation, it’s not surprising that the state’s farmers are among the nation’s leading practitioners of sustainability. In many cases, sustainability is a central part of Oregon farms’ management plans. ...

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