• Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Oregon Holiday Greens

Christmas trees are vital to Oregon’s cultural landscape and our economy. Oregon’s climate and skilled tree farmers produced some of the finest trees in the world. Tree farmers are working around the clock to make sure your favorite grocery store, garden center, and roadside stand are chocked full of the finest Christmas trees available in the world.

Oregon is Christmas tree growing country. Our soil and climate are ideally suited to grow the most popular Christmas tree varieties including Douglas Fir, Noble Fir and Grand Fir. We have two things trees need: plenty of rainfall, and mild winter temperatures.

No other state in the country produces more Christmas trees than Oregon. Oregon farmers harvest between 6-7 million Christmas trees each year that are of such high quality, they travel to many U.S. States and over 20 countries. In fact, 1 out of 4 Christmas trees in homes across the country will have come from Oregon this year. That produces over $100 million dollars in farm gate value for Oregon farmers.

Root your holiday traditions in this wonderful place, Oregon when you decorate this holiday season with local trees, holiday greens, holly and poinsettias. You can get locally grown Christmas trees, greens and poinsettias at garden centers, grocery stores, or go out and cut your own tree. There are so many u-cut farms close to home that in an hour you can go out, get your tree, have an adventure and make memories that last a lifetime. Check out NW Christmas Trees and locate a U-cut or retail lot near you.

Oregon Garland Topiary
This is a fun activity for you and your kids to use garden items and fresh garland to create Oregon Garland topiary to place in small spaces or to welcome holiday guests to your home.


  • Garden pot
  • Tomato cage
  • Rocks
  • Fresh garland
  • Zip ties
  • Clippers
  • Lights and ribbon


  1. Turn the tomato cage upside down and secure the cage inside the garden pot with rocks or the cage may fit over the top of your garden pot.
  2. Zip tie the tines at the top of the tomato cage into a point.
  3. Starting at the base, wrap the garland around the tomato cage and secure along the way with the zip ties until you reach the top.
  4. String lights and add ribbons or any of your favorite ornaments.

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