• Thursday, June 4, 2020

Oregon Potato Harvest

A century farm doesn’t just happen, there has to be a love for the land and a hard working family. Clyde Ward started farming in 1915 and the first several decades of his farming career was done with horses. He enjoyed working with his Percherons, Belgians, and Clydesdales to plow his fields and was one of the last of his era to change over to modern equipment. However, you cannot say he was non-progressive; Ward potatoes were sold all over the United States. His life saw a steady progression from planting every third furrow behind a horse-pulled plow to the huge modern potato harvesters, with three operating at one time on the Ward Ranch.

Potatoes are the 7th largest crop in Oregon. Potatoes are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. They have fewer calories than a grapefruit, more potassium than a banana, and more usable iron than any other vegetable.

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